Industry: Distribution

Application: Distribution & Logistics

Location: Minneapolis, MN


  • Utilize previously wasted vertical space
  • Improve picking efficiency
  • Optimize floor space

Perfecting picking at Ziegler Cat

Ziegler was founded in 1914 by Wm. H. Ziegler with one guiding principal “sell the best equipment, provide the best service.” Over 103 years later, that philosophy still holds true. Today, Ziegler represents the full line of Caterpillar construction equipment, generators and trucks in Minnesota and Iowa. Additionally, Ziegler represents a variety of agricultural equipment brands across Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Missouri.

The Ziegler team is comprised of over 1,800 employees across 32 locations in four states. When they decided to build a distribution center in Minnesota, they turned to Skarnes Inc. to help plan the facility and optimize their space. In turn, Skarnes looked to MiTek Mezzanine Systems to help create a custom mezzanine solution for Ziegler’s facility.


Ziegler Cat was building a distribution center to serve their 32 locations and support their component rebuild facility. Maximizing all available space was key in making an efficient facility.


By looking up, Skarnes was able to help Ziegler maximize the vertical space above cabinets and racking by installing a MiTek mezzanine. The mezzanine system added 7,000 square feet to the facility, increasing the usable space to 38,000 square feet.


By integrating a mezzanine with their conveyor system, Ziegler was able to change how they pick parts. Individuals are assigned to either the ground floor or the mezzanine floor. The mezzanine allows for shorter shelving which in turn eliminated the need for cumbersome movable stairs and ladders. This meant that shelving could be placed closer together, thereby increasing overall space for parts. Ziegler’s mezzanine system has become a focal point on their tours. Ziegler’s facility is so efficient that other companies have started to visit them to get ideas on how to maximize their own distribution centers.