Industry: Automotive

Application: Recreational

Location: Federal Way, WA


  • Free up floor space for working on and storing cars
  • Create a safe environment for when grandchildren visit
  • Provide an attractive solution to maximize space in this “man cave”

Mezzanine maximizes space in recreational garage

Post-retirement, Scott Carson was looking for a way to productively spend his time. He had a space at Garagetown in Federal Way, Washington and he knew that he wanted a place to store his collection of cars there, but he wanted this space to accommodate other hobbies. In addition, this needed to be a place to relax and hang out, so a comfortable feel and attractive look were a must. MiTek’s industrial mezzanines offered the perfect solution for this unconventional application.


Safety…for children

Safety is always a top consideration for MiTek, but often we are considering the safety of adults who are at work. In this case, we needed to consider the safety of Mr. Carson’s grandchildren in this recreational space.


The perfect man cave

MiTek’s Regional Manager went to the space to meet with Mr. Carson to assure that everything was taken into consideration and all needs were met.

By using vertical balusters, as opposed to the standard horizontal/industrial, MiTek was able to create a safe environment for Mr. Carson and his entire family. The bolt together style of the mezzanine meant install was quick and practically mess-free.

This space has become a show case at Garagetown and serves as the perfect area for Mr. Carson to spend time on his hobbies and with his family.