Bombardier gains more room for their big boy toys

Industry: Distribution

Application: Integrated Rack & Shelving

Location: Beloit, WI


  • Improve operational efficiencies by increasing the amount of SKU pick areas
  • Accommodate distribution of new parts for water craft and snow vehicles
  • Design and build a mezzanine solution that incorporated existing shelving
  • Maximize current building space

Bombardier is a global manufacturer of water, snow and off-road recreational vehicles. It manufactures products on three continents and distributes to more than 80 different countries. The Beloit, Wisconsin facility serves as a parts distribution center for the outboard motor product line. The Midwest region of the United States is the largest market for snow and water craft vehicles. Given the Midwest’s sales volume, Bombardier needed to increase efficiencies in order to distribute parts for both water craft and snow vehicles.


Bombardier was experiencing major growth in the Midwest. Because of this growth they were faced with the challenge of increasing the number of SKUs in their facility without a costly building expansion; all while using existing shelving already in place.


MiTek engineers worked with Bombardier to ensure all design, build and installation objectives were met. Field measurements were taken to guarantee a proper fit over existing operations.

Project permits were easily attained due to the PE-stamped calculation packages supplied by MiTek. The end result, a 6,000-square-foot mezzanine was installed over a section of the existing 12-foot-tall shelving. A matching pattern of shelving was installed on the new mezzanine which doubled the amount of SKU pick areas in the facility. Additionally, color matches were made with Bombardier’s existing shelving allowing an aesthetically pleasing solution.


The MiTek solution provided a cost effective solution by integrating a custom-designed mezzanine system over existing shelving. The mezzanine optimized current building space reducing potential expansion costs while accommodating the new product lines for the water craft and snow vehicles. In addition, the solution increased the SKU pick areas whereby improving overall parts distribution capabilities. Bombardier chose MiTek for the mezzanine solution because of the competitive cost, ease and speed of installation, and for the professional engineering support they provide.