Pre-engineered steel mezzanines and platforms are an ideal, cost effective way to elevate equipment and maximize floor space in your facility. Mezzanines can be customized to accommodate unique facility requirements with diverse applications such as:

  • Multistory platforms
  • Office space
  • Warehouse
  • Bulk storage
  • Work platforms
  • Equipment platforms ​
  • ​Maintenance platform​

In a previous blog, we covered the top four benefits of expanding up, not out with mezzanine systems from safety and durability to time and cost efficiency. The next step as you consider your space solutions is to understand what to look for in a custom designed mezzanine and the partner you select.

Support at Every Level

Cubic Designs’ on-staff, licensed, professional engineers custom design mezzanine and platform systems to make the most of your space. You can feel comfortable knowing that we handle every detail and provide you with all of the necessary PE-stamped drawings and calculations for your building permits. Because every Cubic Designs mezzanine is PE-stamped – even when permits are not required – your company is protected down the road, if permits become required. You will also be backed by a lifetime structural warranty.

Engineers and designers use the latest technology including AutoCAD, RISA, and SolidWorks software. Customers are engaged throughout the design process to make certain the mezzanine fits their specific operational needs and building footprint.

High-Quality Manufacturing

For over 30 years, Cubic Designs has manufactured high-quality, custom steel mezzanines and platform systems. Our 106,000 sq. ft. facility is equipped for the forming and fabrication of medium and heavy gauge sheet steel and components, including mezzanines and safety products.

Our complete in-house fabrication services enable us to offer you customized systems at an affordable price. We take great care in the packing and transportation of our materials to ensure that they arrive on time and in shop-quality condition.

Framing Systems

Cubic Designs offers different framing systems that can be utilized in any custom mezzanine. These options can provide a clean appearance, easier installation, robust support and overall design flexibility

Cold-formed C-Channel

Cold-formed c-channel mezzanines are a cost effective way to leverage your vertical space. From storage to equipment access, modular office support, and everything in-between, this is our go-to work horse.


For very long spans, a bar joist is the most economical way to go. If vast spans of unobstructed floor space under your mezzanine is important, bar joist will probably offer the best solution.


A wide flange framing option is ideal for projects that require a low deck profile and long column spans.

With the right partner and design tailored to your unique footprint, a mezzanine is a long-lasting investment that will meet the evolving needs of your facility. Contact our team to start your customized design or request a quote for a custom mezzanine build today!