According to a Peerless Research Group study, companies need more warehouse space. In fact, 51 percent of respondents said they would need more space within the next two years. And when asked about capacity, 44 percent of respondents said they had reached at least 90 percent capacity or more with 7 percent of these saying they were at full size.

For companies in this position, MiTek Mezzanine Systems stresses the benefits of expanding up. You can either “expand out” by building or leasing additional building space, or “expand up” by finding a way to use vertical space in an existing facility. When expanding up, the key solution is a mezzanine or work platform that makes better use of the full height or cube volume of a warehouse.

Structural steel mezzanines can be built in two fundamental ways. One way is to have the mezzanine designed by an engineering firm and then made on site by a contractor. The other approach is to choose a pre-engineered mezzanine system that is pre-manufactured and then bolted together on site. This second approach can often be overlooked as a cookie-cutter system, however, by understanding its true capabilities, the benefits of a pre-manufactured mezzanine can outweigh those of working with an engineering firm and contractor.

1. Safe and Durable

A pre-manufactured mezzanine can deliver safety and strength if designed and manufactured under a rigorous, high-quality process with structural design choices that ensure adequate protection and durability to support any load capacity. We don’t design with more steel than is necessary, but we will always provide enough steel to properly support what the customer needs and to meet building code requirements.

To meet local or state codes, our mezzanines are always designed and stamped by a licensed professional engineer (PE). In this way, a company choosing a pre-manufactured approach can have a high comfort level that the structure will surpass all safety requirements.

2. Time-Efficient and Cost-Effective

The key to time- and cost-efficiencies in a pre-manufactured approach is repeatability. By using standard components, materials, parts and manufacturing methods, but still custom-designing each system, a pre-manufactured approach reduces both time to completion and cost.

Because the mezzanine manufacturer uses common subcomponents and proven techniques, the manufacturer becomes efficient at designing and building what will go into each mezzanine system. We have been able to optimize the production and installation of custom mezzanines, and that’s how we can make a custom product with consistent lead times at a very competitive price.

3. Accessible

A pre-manufactured mezzanine can be configured to include the optimal amount of access points such as stairs, ladders and lifts to minimize travel and ensure productivity. The design can consist of lift equipment such as a vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC) to move loads up and down. Lifts and mezzanines play very well together to bring efficiency to the movement of people or goods between levels.

4. Customizable

Once a company has determined what they want to achieve with a structural mezzanine, pre-manufactured mezzanine designs can easily accommodate unique needs. We have a network of partners with expertise in warehouse layout and materials handling systems who help clients envision the most productive layout for a mezzanine. Mezzanines can be expanded, and in some cases, moved from a facility and reinstalled at a new facility. A mezzanine also can be designed to handle the load capacity requirements of uniquely heavy pieces of equipment, to wrap around large pieces of equipment, or to support or be serviced by conveyors.

MiTek Mezzanine Systems has installed pre-manufactured steel mezzanines for many different applications:

  • Office space, putting supervisors much closer to work processes than a separate office building would.
  • Piece picking, kitting, assembly, or other labor-intensive tasks that don’t require much clear height.
  • Conveyor support to move goods throughout a distribution or fulfillment center.
  • Overhead storage for heavy or bulky equipment such as compressors or tanks used for production, creating more working space on the floor.

Industrial mezzanine design is a safe, durable, cost-effective and flexible way to bring value-added use to warehouse space. A high-quality, pre-manufactured mezzanine can be customized to meet many needs. By expanding up, companies can completely re-imagine their floor space and workflow, and ultimately increase productivity. Contact our teamto start your customized design or request a quote for a custom mezzanine build today!