Ante Grgic

Ante Grgic attended the University of Loyola in Chicago and later studied at Marquette. He was an consultant before being hired as a full time Software Engineer by Cubic Designs in 2013. He creates 3D modeling packages and writes applications that help each department at Cubic Designs operate with maximum efficiency. Outside of work, Ante spends his time helping develop apps for start-up companies.


Nate Andersen

Nate Andersen graduated from Marquette University with a Bachelor’s degree in Operation & Supply Management. He joined Cubic Designs in 2014 and is currently a Software Engineer. Nate creates and manages web applications and is in charge of writing software for custom modeling in SDS2. Outside of work, Nate enjoys participating in a men’s basketball league and a co-ed volleyball league.

Mark T

Mark Tuffey

Mark Tuffey is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He joined the Cubic Designs team in January 2017. Mark is the lead desktop support person; he is responsible for troubleshooting, inventory and purchasing. This includes supporting in-house end-users as well as a number of remote team members who work around the country. Before joining Cubic, Mark spent 22 years at Kalmbach Publishing Company as the senior desktop support person. In his free time, Mark enjoys playing soccer and traveling.