MiTek® announced today that it has acquired UK-based Mezzanine International, one of Europe’s leading mezzanine flooring suppliers. With a focus on European markets, Mezzanine International is a highly regarded leader in the design, prefabrication, and installation of custom work platforms and structural mezzanine systems. In addition to serving the largest global e-commerce providers, the company’s many customers include leading companies in distribution, processing, aerospace, manufacturing, retail, and entertainment. In order to support the company’s tremendous growth, in early 2017, Mezzanine International opened a new location in Cologne, Germany.

The acquisition of Mezzanine International follows another 2013 acquisition by MiTek in this same sector, Cubic Designs, a US-based leader in custom work platforms and structural mezzanine systems. Together, Mezzanine International and Cubic Designs can now offer mezzanine platform solutions to their customers on a global scale.

“I am so please that Mezzanine International has joined the ranks of a storied company, MiTek Industries. A vital aspect of this acquisition was the remarkable alignment of our core values with MiTek’s, which is essential to executing our long-range growth plants,” said Scott Chambers, managing director of Mezzanine International. “Given our current design and manufacturing capabilities in Europe, combined with the momentum we are sure to experience with MiTek’s global footprint, formidable brand and resources, we expect growth rates and technology developments that far outpace our competitors.”

“The combination of Mezzanine International’s tremendous growth along with the trust-based and growth-focused culture the leadership team has cultivated, make this an outstanding addition to the MiTek family,” said Mark Thom, MiTek’s CEO. “I am excited about our future and growth opportunities that we – Mezzanine International, Cubic Designs and MiTek – will create together.”

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