CUB PE StampProfessional Engineers, or PEs, are engineers who have received a license to practice engineering from a certain state or states.How:

All the Professional Engineers at Cubic Designs earned their Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering with a focus in Structural Engineering.  To gain their PE license, they each had to complete 4 years of experience and pass an exam in the state of Wisconsin. Additionally, they must have references from PEs already licensed in the state in which they are applying.  Licensure in other states is obtained either through reciprocity with the state of Wisconsin or additional testing.


Having in-house PEs has several benefits. Most states require permits for mezzanines and without PEs on staff to stamp our drawings, an outside engineering firm would have to review, approve and stamp the drawings.  This has a high cost and can often take a significantly longer time.  Additionally, all Cubic Designs mezzanines are designed to meet codes in the state where they will be installed and the PE assigned to the project takes on the liability for the engineering of that platform or mezzanine.  This means that our mezzanines are always up to par from a safety standpoint, but aren’t over-engineered (over-engineering can drive up the price of a system). Overall, by having PEs on staff, we are able to save our clients time and money.